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Team Match Score Sheet
Colby College vs University of Southern Maine

Date:  9/15/2016
Location:  Colby College
Winner:  Colby College
Score:  9-0
 Position  Colby College  University of Southern Maine  Winner  Score
 #1 Singles  Gabby Venditti  Mackenzie Colby  Colby College  6-0 6-0
 #2 Singles  Lydia Venditti  Rikki Demoranville  Colby College  6-0 6-0
 #3 Singles  Maddie Lupone  Courtney Jordan  Colby College  6-0 6-0
 #4 Singles  Emily Dyckman  Lynn Swanson  Colby College  6-0 6-0
 #5 Singles  Anne Morris  Margaret Smith  Colby College  6-0 6-2
 #6 Singles  Hania Lenderking  Debora Attalla  Colby College  6-0 6-0
 #1 Doubles  Gabby Venditti
 Lydia Venditti
 Mackenzie Colby
 Courtney Jordan
 Colby College  8-0
 #2 Doubles  Maddie Lupone
 Aleks Piibe
 Rikki Demoranville
 Debora Attalla
 Colby College  8-0
 #3 Doubles  Anne Morris
 Emily Dyckman
 Margaret Smith
 Lynn Swanson
 Colby College  8-1